Black Cat use the most up to date automatic cable stripping machines such as the   MP257 and MP 8015 electric top table modes capable of high-precision, multi-step stripping (up to 9 Stripping steps) of coaxial cables in one single operation.



As an experienced UK manufacturer Black Cat can offer the following connectors on cables:

BNC, MINI BNC, Euro & FME, F Type, MCX both 50 and 75 Ohm, MMCX, N Type, SMA, SMA R/P, SMB both 50 and 75 Ohm, SMC, Type 43, HDC, VHDC, UHDC, TNC, TNC R/P, DIN 1.0/2.3, DIN 1.6/5.6 and inter-series adaptors


Black Cat can offer cable assemblies on the following coaxial type cables:


RG6, RG8, RG11, RG12, RG58, Mini RG59, RG59, RG62, RG108, RG115, RG142, RG165, RG174, RG178, RG179,  RG180, RG188, RG196, RG212,

RG213, RG214, RG261, RG128, RG223, RG225, RG302, RG303, RG304, RG316, RG393, RG400


(Uni Radio-Metric) BS2316 Cables

URM43, URM54, URM57, URM67, URM70, URM74, URM76, URM95, URM96, URM109, URM110, URM111, URM112, URM115, URM202, URM203






MMCX (micro-miniature coaxial) connectors are coaxial RF connectors similar to MCX

but smaller. They conform to the European CECC 22 000 specification.

The connectors have a lock-snap mechanism allowing 360-degree rotation and usually have a 50 Ù
impedance. They offer broadband capability from DC to 6 GHz

MMCX connectors are most commonly seen on Wi-Fi PCMCIA cards as antenna connectors or as connectors for external GPS antennas on small devices like PDAs or GPS receivers

MCX (micro coaxial) connectors are coaxial RF connectors developed in the 1980s. They have the same inner contact and insulator dimensions as the SMB connector but are 30% smaller. MCX is standardized in European CECC 22220.

 They use a snap-on interface and usually have a 50 Ù impedance (occasionally 75 Ù also) . They offer broadband capability from DC to 6 GHz. The contact surfaces are gold-plated.This type of connector is used on the Apple Airport Extreme Base Station's external antenna port and requires an adapter for most antennas. MCX and the smaller MMCX connector are frequently used to connect external antennas to GPS receivers. They are also common on USB DVB-T tuners for computers and laptops, to connect an external antenna to the tuner.

MCX GPS Extension Cables

MCX Male to MCX Female Extension Cable. 

                  Part: BC-
           MCX Male Connector 
      To MCX Female Connector             
              On Black RG17

Custom Lengths Available On Request

Micro BNC (HD BNC) Cables

Micro BNC (also known as HD-BNC) connectors are designed for HD
Broadcast, telecom, HDcctv, instrumentation and similar applications that
require high performance in a high density package. Micro BNC are fully
intermatable with other series of HD-BNC/High density BNC.

Exceeding the requirements of SMPTE 292M & 424M, these connectors are
used in Full HD1080p (3G), HD-SDI and are fit for Ultra HD 4K applications.
With a diameter of only 7.8 mm, mounting density is increased by more than
4 times when compared with a standard BNC. If space allows, the extended
coupling nut enables the connectors to be mated and unmated without the use
of a tool.

Micro BNC Male (HD BNC) to Standard BNC Male Cable.

          Part: BC13-335-3    3M
   HD BNC (Micro BNC) to BNC Cable
   Made on Belden 1855ENH, 
 Custom Lengths Available On Reques.

Other Coax Cables







These cables are developed for Microwave, Satellite and Cellphone communications masts and are manufactured to ensure optimum performance. Black Cat Cables are pleased to offer cables from Times Microwave LMR range, Commscope, WBC range and Andrews CommScope WBC100, WBC195, WBC200, WBC240, WBC400, WBC500, WBC600
Andrews LDF, FSJ Superflex Series and Virtual Air Series

Times Microwave LMR100, LMR195, LMR200, LMR240, LMR300, LMR400, LMR500, LMR600, LMR800, LMR900

The above cables can be manufactured to any length, with standard connectors such as N Type, BNC, TNC, R/P TNC, SMA, 7/16 DIN, UHF






Dual 75Ohm Coax Cables Ideal for G.703 Use. Two BNC Male Plugs on each end uses Twin RG 75 Ohm Coax Cable with two coloured boots for


TX (Transmit) and RX (Receive) made to any length








Black Cat Offers BT2001, BT2002, BT2003, RG179, Cables in single core, BT3002 in single 8 and 16 core. TZC Single,

8 and16 Core, RA7000 and RA8000 in single core. A wide range of connectors can be fitted to these cables ranging from BNC Plugs,

Type 43 Standard, HDC and UHDC & VHCDC, SMB.

Standard (white) Type 43 Coaxial Connectors  

Socket BT2002    43/2FS

Socket BT2003    43/3FS

Socket RG179     43/4FS

Socket BT3002    43/5FS  

Socket RA7000   43/7FS

Socket RA8000   43/8FS

Plug BT2002        43/2GTIS

Plug BT2003        43/3GTIS

Plug BT179          43/4GTIS

Plug BT3002        43/5GTIS

Plug RA7000       43/7GTIS

Plug RA8000       43/8GTIS


High Density Type 43 HDC Coaxial Connectors 






HDC Socket BT2002    HDC43/2FS

HDC Socket BT2003    HDC43/3FS

HDC Socket RG179     HDC43/4FS

HDC Socket BT3002    HDC43/5FS  

HDC Socket RA7000   HDC43/7FS

HDC Socket RA8000   HDC43/8FS

HDC Plug BT2002       HDC43/2GTIS

HDC Plug BT2003       HDC43/3GTIS

HDC Plug BT179         HDC43/4GTIS

HDC Plug BT3002       HDC43/5GTIS

HDC Plug RA7000       HDC43/7GTIS

HDC Plug RA8000       HDC43/8GTIS


Ultra High Density Type 43 HDC Coaxial Connectors






UHDC Socket BT2002    HDC43/2FS

UHDC Socket BT2003    HDC43/3FS


UHDC Socket RG179     HDC43/4FS

UHDC Socket BT3002    HDC43/5FS  

UHDC Socket RA7000   HDC43/7FS

UHDC Socket RA8000   HDC43/8FS

UHDC Plug BT2002       HDC43/2GTIS

UHDC Plug BT2003       HDC43/3GTIS

UHDC Plug BT179         HDC43/4GTIS

UHDC Plug BT3002       HDC43/5GTIS

UHDC Plug RA7000       HDC43/7GTIS

UHDC Plug RA8000       HDC43/8GTIS


Compatible Wireless Cables

Black Cat manufacturer compatible and custom length for all well known wireless routers such as


MR-400 Antenna Cables are used to connect Buffalo wireless routers and access points and Buffalo high gain outdoor antennas. N-type Connectors on each end  

Full Range of Strain Relief Boots


For RG58, RG59, RG62, RG174, RG179 in a range of colours



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