IDC Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies.                       

Standard IDC Ribbon Cables 

Part: BC-CS22393 0.3M
Internal ATA100 Extension Lead 
Ribbon Cable

40 Way lead Suitable for Hard Disk Drive, 
CD-ROM & other IDC controlled devices.


    40way IDE Socket with 80way Ribbon Cable

    For use with ATA66/100 drives
    Connect up to 2 drives per cable
    Backwards compatible with ATA33 drives

    Other Length 0.75M  
    Part: BC-CS22799    




                          Part: BC-CS13735  0.3M
        40way IDE 2.5" Drive Adaptor 
    Ribbon Cable

    Allows the connection of a 2.5" notebook hard drive to a desktop PC
    LP4 Power Supply Connection

     Other IDC Ribbon Cables   

                                Part: BC18-020
                 DB9 Female - 10way IDC Ribbon Cable

                            1.72mm (0.05) Pitch
           Rainbow Flat Ribbon Cable, 28AWG

    DB9 Connector that can be panel mounted in your enclosure via 4/40 jack screws



                                      Part: BC18-TBA
                 10way - 10way 2 Row IDC Ribbon Cable

                                 1.72mm (0.05) Pitch
                     Rainbow Flat Ribbon Cable, 28AWG